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Pipsqweek employs a multi-strategy, multi-asset approach within a cathederal of cloud computational services. We aim to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional investments in a frictionless technology-driven environment.

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Risk-adjusted returns

To us, investment management equals risk management.Pipsqweek utilises sophisticated and robust proprietary risk management systems to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. Multiple complementary and interlocking systems dynamically re-allocate risk across the entire portfolio.We employ a rules-based investment approach which enables us to tailor risk on demand and build portfolios that target a constant level of volatility.


Meaningful diversification

Pipsqweeks philosophy is rooted in the idea that combining uncorrelated sources of return produces superior results over time.Unlike many systematic investment managers, who rely exclusively on trend-following strategies, our institutional-standard infrastructure has enabled us to build portfolios that adopt a multi-asset, multi-strategy approach. We develop and implement investment and portfolio construction processes that aim to deliver returns uncorrelated to long-only investments as well as to traditional hedge fund strategies.


Scientific rigour

Science is the ethos that permeates the whole of Pipsqweek. It drives our culture. Our discipline and flat structure provide a platform for our scientists to research, test and implement multiple systematic strategies. It allows us to be creative while applying science to finance. Our research is based on the scientific method and is hypothesis-driven rather than data-driven. We have an iconoclastic view of the world and approach investing like few others. With industrial strength, institutional-standard infrastructure, we believe we deliver a unique quality service.